For spring 2023, edb is tackling new design and production processes. Materials and shapes never presented before in the chair category. The Inox chair is a complete departure from edb’s fully upholstered pieces. The same goes for the SPA collection which uses woven rattan. Finally, the Beluga chair pushes the boundaries of the production process in terms of curvilinear construction and manufacturing.

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Inox Chair / 22” x 22” x 24” H / New for 2023. Made of stainless steel sheets. This chair completes the Inox collection which includes two side tables. The Inox chair was not created with comfort in mind. It is hard as rock and dry as concrete. A padded seat cushion adds a bit of softness. Designed as a visual piece more than a functional chair. Covers are fully removable for easy maintenance.


Spa white tall / 42” x 32” x 50” H

Spa black small / 30” x 30” x 30” H

New introduction for 2023. A chair that breathes the sun. Made of natural rattan. Rattan is grown in tropical regions of Southeast Asia and parts of Africa and Australia. It is a member of the palm family. Similar to bamboo, rattan is the fastest growing material (after willow). It regenerates in five to seven years, making it a durable material. Rattan’s rapid growth and hardiness make it an ideal material for building furniture. Natural rattan for interior. Handwoven in Indonesia. The chair has a handle for easy transport. Base available in white or black.


Beluga single / 36” x 36” x 29” H / New for 2023. The 1-seater version of the Beluga sofa. Keep the same family traits: puffy, round and sparkling. A generous lounge chair. Fully removable covers for easy maintenance.