Edb launches its first collection of rugs: GRANDES PLAINES. For this entry into textiles, 10 models that embrace nature, minerality and soft, earthy tones. Entirely plain, with no particular patterns, these rugs can also be considered as undesigned objects, as edb has limited the design process to materials and textures only. An exercise in sobriety. Available in 6’x9′, a size edb deliberately chose because 5’x8′ are often too small to fill a room and can hardly stage a sofa or sectional properly. It’s a more expensive choice, but the extra lengths make all the difference.

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Carpet sable / 6′ x 9′

Carpet damier / 6′ x 9′

Carpet salt-pepper / 6′ x 9′

Carpet jute light / 6′ x 9′

Carpet hemp natural / 6′ x 9′

Carpet amande / 6′ x 9′

New introduction for 2023. 6’x9′ mat. A large rug to generously fill rooms. Enough to fit most sofas and sectionals. Handmade. Dimensions may vary by a few inches as they are handmade. Natural materials.