For spring 2023, edb is offering new proportions and dynamics. The Coastline is now equipped with an XL chair. The Tonic collection gets a new silhouette with the addition of a wide chair that creates the archetypal sectional. For larger, bolder spaces, the new Grid sectional features a generously proportioned removable padded cover. All models are fully slipcovered.

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Grid LAF / 126” x 70” x 25” / New introduction for 2023. Designed to be anchored to the floor. Large armrest, open layout. Generous seat and back cushions. Padded seat covers. Softness meets amplitude. Covers are fully removable for easy care.


Coastline SQ LAF / 114” x 48” x 26” H / New introduction for 2023. In this configuration, a large square chair sets the tone for a graphic and dynamic layout.


Tonic 110 RAF / 110” x 60” x 28” / New introduction for 2023. The Tonic sectional is designed to be timeless. Classic chair combination with slim, tall metal legs. 3 back cushions aligned in order for a clean look. Covers are fully removable for easy care.