New shapes and materials guide edb sofa designs for spring 2023. The Prairie, a new wood-framed sofa to change from fully upholstered models. Available as a 3-seater in all edb fabrics. The Gallet collection plays with curves. Extra puffy with curved lines, the collection comes in five pieces that can be combined to create sectionals or unique sofa arrangements. The Passage sofa system comes in 3 modules for added versatility. Very compact, this new sofa system is designed to fit into small spaces. Each module can be used as an individual chair or combined to create unlimited possibilities.

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Prairie 3P / 88” x 30” x 30” H / New introduction for 2023. Solid American oak structure. Asymmetrical legs. Individual seat cushions. A sofa designed to sit upright, suitable for the office or living room. Fully removable covers for easy care.


Gallet chaise longue / 71” x 34” x 27” H

Gallet sofa part / 64” x 34” x 27” H

Gallet ottoman / 25” x 25” x 18” H

Gallet RAF / 115” x 71” x 27” H

New introduction for 2023. The Gallet sofa system was created with curves in mind. Simple shapes meet roundness. Visual details are kept to a minimum and the focus is on contours. For an organic volume. Covers are fully removable for easy care.


Passage 3P / 70” x 30” x 28” H / New introduction for 2023. The Passage collection is made for compact space. Taking very small foor space, the Passage modules are meant to be used alone or in an infinite sequenque of corners, singles or ottomans. Fully removable covers for ease of maintenance.